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Thousands of years ago, the fusion of the soil and Andean wisdom created a special harvest in Peru. Its products, born of biodiversity and an exceptional ancient innovation, are part of what today is known as the super food family: natural, healthy and nutritious.

Six reasons why Peru is a global leader in super foods

1.   1. Biodiversity: Peru is number one in agro biodiversity and 84 of 103 life zones on the planet are found there.

2. Technical capacity and export
: Ancient techniques and modern technology live side-by-side in Peru. We have the latest techniques, certifications and food quality standards demanded by the global market.

3. Traceability and innovation
: Peru’s food production is of high quality and the country has implemented a process chain that is aligned with new consumption habits.

4. Ancient wisdom
: Peru has up to 4,500 native species with known therapeutic properties. This makes Peru one of the world’s best countries for traditional medicine.

5. Premium gastronomy
: Since 2012, when the Leading Culinary Destination in South America award was created, Peru has been the only repeat winner.

6. Investment destination
: The world market demands new foods, tastes and presentations. 

The planet´s super pantry

Super Quinoa: Quinoa is one of the 21 crops most resistant to climate change and one of humanity’s nutrition treasures. It contains proteins with high biological value.

Super Sacha Inchi: Its consumption supports a healthy lifestyle. It is one of the world´s most important sources of omega 3, 6, and 9.

Super Cherimoya: It contains more fiber than the apple and provides 60% of a person’s daily vitamin C needs. It is perfect for pastries.

Super Maca: Maca has high concentrations of calcium, phosphorus and the minerals necessary for bone development. It is revitalizing and a natural source of selenium and magnesium

Super Camu Camu: It has a higher concentration of vitamin C than lemons and oranges. Peru exports more than 100 tons to the world every year.

Super Purple Corn: Purple corn is one of the main ingredients in Peruvian gastronomy and cocktail mixology. Of the more than 50 types we produce, its particular color makes it the most special.

Super  Lucuma: Lucuma is a fruit rich in carbohydrates. Its unique orange-yellow color is due to the presence of the pigment beta-carotene, a powerful natural antioxidant.

Super foods form an important part of the global food industry and reflect the increasing trend towards conscious consumption. Peru, as a global leader in this sector, produces more than 30 super foods throughout its territory – also including mango, avocado, asparagus, goldenberry, cocoa, tangerine, and fish.

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